Safely and permanently treat skin growths

When you order your BI Spot Remover, you will receive your device and the following:
* Main Device
* Two Handles 
* Foot Pedal

*5 Reusable Treatment Probes (sanitize according to your state board rules)
* Free one on one instruction

* Lifetime tech and marketing support

*Free Shipping in USA

Taking your treatment room to a new level

Return Policy.. we do not accept returns unless there is a manufactures defect.  Please check with your State Board before purchasing

Set of  probes $33

Skin Pro Esthetics

Image B is how the BI Spot Remover works versa's other types of like machines.

All treatments are done on the surface of the stratum corneum. Treated area is resurfaced. The probe never penetrates the skin, or damages tissue below or around the area being treated.

Among its many features, the BI Spot Remover can be used with a foot pedal or without, thereby giving the technician a choice of operation. A color-coded touch pad allows the technician to set different intensity levels for different skin growths. The machine comes equipped with 5 stainless steel reusable probes (sanitize according to your state board)

Please check with your State Board before purchasing.  We do NOT offer returns on this equipment.  

One year warranty. 

​Regular price $1899

The BI Spot remover   is an easy-to-use, compact table top machine. Several settings insure accuracy in treatments.   

This device uses high frequency and the spark method to immediately  dehydrate the area being treated without damaging any of the surrounding area

Treats  Moles (according to your state laws) Skin Tags, Telengistasia, Hyperpigmentation, Sebasious Hyperplasia, Milia

$1899  on sale $1299